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Aaron Greenblatt

Aaron Greenblatt, 9, drives a nationwide campaign through which he has donated more than 24 000 pairs of socks to orphanages, places of safety, old age homes and the homeless.

“Aaron’s Rock your Socks” started in March 2017 and was launched after Greenblatt heard about Dario Gouveia’s Sole2Sole campaign which has collected more than 4 000 pairs of shoes for the disadvantaged.

“When he heard about Dario’s Sole2Sole Charity, he asked me, what about socks Mom? How can people have shoes, but no socks,” his mother Lee Greenblatt told LeadSA.

Greenblatt initially started collecting at his local Montrose Primary School in Johannesburg, but soon started receiving donations from across the country as word spread. Within a month after launching, he had surpassed his goal of collecting 1 000 socks by 6000.  

He was recognised as the youngest ever nominee for the Absa Jewish Achiever Awards, in the category of Young Entrepreneur, in 2017.

Facebook page: Aarons Rock Your Socks

Nominated in category: Compassion

Photo: Supplied