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Andries Motau

When Andriews Motau, 28, from Pankop, Pretoria, failed matric due to personal circumstances, he did not give up but instead showed resilience. He wanted to prove, not only to himself, but to other children in similar situations, that you can change your circumstances and so he repeated matric and passed.

The following year, his mother became sick and he had to look after her and his siblings. But he never gave up on his dream of having a university degree. In 2014, he enrolled at Nelson Mandela University and graduated with a degree in Development Studies and Economics.

After completing his degree he launched a project called Village Child I Know, where he helps children in villages to learn to read and write. Many of these children, through his individual efforts, have gone on to pursue tertiary education.

Motau is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, where he continues to shine. He is passionate about investments, environmental management/protection, rural development and women’s rights.

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Nominated in Category: Resilience

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