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Enoch Mlangeni

Enoch Mlangeni, 26, is using his art to raise funds to build an art studio for impoverished township children to rise above their circumstances.

The artist moved to Sasolburg to live with his grandmother, at the age of seven, after he lost both his parents. He could not study further after matric due to financial constraints, so he invested his time in polishing up his art skills and making art his career. Since no one in his household is employed, he uses his art to feed his family.

Mlangeni is raising funds to create a space in Sasolburg to develop young and upcoming creative workers. He also aims to help young people find a productive place to channel their energy.

“By having this studio, we will be fighting so many things that are hindering us to progress. Some people resort to drugs such as nyaope because of boredom, and the fact that there are no facilities to express their skills. We will be able to have a way to fight the drugs that are killing our youth,” he says.

You can follow him on Instagram here.

Nominated in category: Creativity

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