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Farai Mubaiwa

Farai Mubaiwa, 23, co-founded a youth-led organisation, Africa Matters, which has reached at least 12 000 youths across the continent, actively working to change the “Africa is a poor and corrupt continent” narrative.

She helped start the organisation in 2015, with the aim of building leadership capacity through community-impact projects, online leadership training, critical thought pieces, workshops, school talks and a mentorship programme. The organisation has reached individuals in Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Namibia.

She is a recipient of the Queen’s Young Leader Award – which recognises and celebrates young leaders from across the Commonwealth who take ownership of transforming and bettering their communities – for the work that the organisation is doing in changing the lives of others and for encouraging active citizenry.

While working on Africa Matters, Mabaiwa is also pursuing a Masters on the political economy of emerging markets at King’s College in London. She describes herself as an African feminist and encourages women to enter fields dominated by men.

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