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Felix Chimbinyu

Felix Chimbinyu, 26, is a former mechanical engineer who started the South African Talents Academy in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, to help the development of black communities through mathematics and the science.

The academy exposes learners to the practical application of mathematics and science theories by inviting local professionals across a variety of fields to lecture at Vulumzi High School in Motherwell.

It is built around a five-year plan to improve the school’s graduation rate, equip students with a driving licences, as well as providing a mentor system and access to bursaries. Experts in the fields of agriculture, construction and logistics are also added to a database to conduct lectures and motivational talks for the pupils throughout the year.

Felix, a former graduate of Vulumzi High School, says the academy aims to shape the next generation of young leaders who are self-starters and visionaries. The academy is funded by Felix’s small-scale carpentry business. He hopes to expand his programme to other high schools in the area.

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