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Ijangolet Ogwang

Ijangolet Sharon Ogwang, 26, is a novelist and entrepreneur who aims to create employment opportunities for women.

Her debut novel An Image in a Mirror is a Pan-African narrative set in South Africa and Uganda, and interrogates the socio-political landscape of these countries through a story. The novel tackles Rhodes Must Fall, inequality and women’s land rights in Uganda.

It aims to make its readers to engage with the world more deliberately, she says.

Ogwang is also the co-founder of an on-demand mobile salon called Good-Hair, which is a marketplace for independent stylists and clients. Good-Hair aims to create employment opportunities for women, as she is aware that, in the African context, a vast number of women are employed in the informal economy. She says that the development of the continent requires a holistic approach, and she pursues this in all her spheres of influence.

You can connect with her on LinkedIn here.

Nominated in category: Creativity

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