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Johan Pedro

Johan Pedro is a 26-year-old from Bellville South in Cape Town who, despite earning less than R3 000 a month, manages to make time to teach his students sports and art after class, so as to keep them off the street.

Pedro, who works for the Department of Arts and Culture, takes time every day to keep the kids busy and out of harm’s way.

Despite living in a Wendy house and not having a cellphone, Pedro managed to form the first ever girls rugby team in the area. Some young girls also managed to get provincial colours. He takes the children to the theatre, holds dance lessons for free at other schools in the area, and teaches fitness classes after hours to the local community for free.

When he’s not doing any of the above, he is constantly trying to get bursaries for the underprivileged learners he teaches, so that they can gain access to better schools.

Nominated in category: Leadership

Photo: Supplied