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Kiara Ramklass

Kiara Ramklass, 23, is a filmmaker and owner of Marimba Jam, a company that performs and offers musical education across Cape Town.

Having founded Marimba Jam in 2012 as an outreach programme, Ramklass wanted to address the inequalities within the education system with regards to access to musical education in underprivileged areas. Through Marimba Jam, Ramklass and her colleagues aim to establish a sense of cultural and social harmony between learners from different backgrounds.

They currently teach more than 300 school students every week in Cape Town.

This programme was awarded the Amy Biehl “Spirit of Youth” Award in 2012. Since then, the growth of the company has been substantial and the vibrant, female-driven company now also offer a four-piece or a five-piece Marimba band for occasions such as weddings and corporate events.

Learn more about Marimba Jam here.

Nominated in category: Creativity

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