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Nkululeko Malepa

Tapping into a network of resources and influential people makes it much easier to effect real change, as Nkululeko Malepa, 25, founder of youth organisation Tirogae, knows very well.

Malepa works as a java developer. He is also the chief executive of an information technology company and a consultant for African Bank. Over the weekends, he runs non-governmental organisation Tirogae in Daveyton. In high school, Malepa was an avid participant in technology expos and innovation programmes and eventually went on to work for Eskom in 2011 as a designer and facilitator of the Science Expo Preview Programme, which helps pupils with their science projects. He set about building a strong network with the people he met at Eskom and the Department of Water Affairs, which would later prove invaluable for Tirogae.

Malepa started the organisation with the help of young Daveyton community members and opened a library in Barcelona, a section of Daveyton, in 2011 with money from fundraisers and member contributions. The library, a first for Barcelona, is now the venue of a weekly programme that includes reading and storytelling classes, technology classes, youth empowerment sessions, extra lessons for Grade 8 to 12 pupils, career days, and helps with bursary applications. Tirogae has already produced over 40 prospective students and Malepa says it is going to keep breeding young, selfless leaders through inculcating the values of education and active citizenship.

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Nominated in category: Visionary

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