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Lindsay van der Byl

After surviving a suicide attempt on the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Braamfontein, Lindsay van der Byl, 32, founded Cycle4Change, a campaign to promote reading and raise awareness about drug and alcohol abuse.

In 2017, he cycled between the Union Buildings in Pretoria and Parliament in Cape Town to collect books for communities in need. The trip nearly saw him lose two fingers to frostbite, get robbed, and witness the very best and the very worst of our South African landscape.

Growing up, Lindsay had to walk 7km to the nearest library to read, and his dream is to build a reading centre in every rural committee in every province. In 2018, he has donated 1 700 books to the village of Qunu, in the Eastern Cape, and is currently look for sponsors to deliver another 2 500 books to Mauluma village in Limpopo.

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Nominated in category: Compassion

Photo: Twitter