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Marcia Lebambo

Marcia Lebambo, 30, founded a non-profit organisation in 2012, focusing on teaching learners writing and reading skills using a popular competition called Spelling Bee. In the competition, contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. This comprehensive learning process allows children to learn the definition, pronunciation and roots of the words. Learning grammar is not the only benefit. Learners are able to enhance vocabulary, competitive spirit, greater knowledge, cognitive skills and confidence.

Lebambo’s initiative is driven by the belief that continuous improvement in the quality of education, especially for schools in the rural areas and townships, is the responsibility of every citizen. Coupled with the rapid pace of social media and technology, writing has become a challenge globally, especially for learners in marginalised communities. Out-of-classroom programmes, such as the Spelling Bee, play a significant role in improving writing and reading.

Lebambo’s passion is education empowerment for the marginalised. Other programmes conducted by her organisation include school motivation, writing competitions for learners, youth entrepreneurship seminars, idea pitch opportunities and book clubs.

The organisation has interacted with more than 4 000 learners from all over the country. A team of 23 volunteers, who assist by visiting schools and interacting with learners prior to the competition, leads this initiative. Last year, the organisation also hosted learners from Lesotho and Zimbabwe.

You can follow her on Twitter here.

Nominated in category: Visionary

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