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Mo Matli

Armed with nothing more than her camera and her talent, Mo Matli, 24, uses her photography as a form of activism to tell beautiful, inspiring African stories.

Matli is a gender activist from Bloemfontein who is taking on the challenges faced by marginalised South Africans.

Matli’s documentation of LGBTIAQ+ couples, as well as bodies and shades that may be in danger or at risk of public scrutiny, interrogates the societal standards which we live in, says her nominator. If she’s not taking photos of the beauty of twins and people with albinism, she’s finding new ways to help others find a voice for their personalities and bodies through her photography and short films.

“I want to tell stories about the minority that grew up or are growing up feeling like they are not enough because they don’t live up to societies norms,” she says.

“I want my photographs to give them a voice of their own. I capture moments to prove to people how special and beautiful they are. I believe God doesn’t write the same story twice, that’s why every story should be told.”

You can view her work here.

Nominated in category: Creativity

Photo: Supplied