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Mojalefa Chabalala

Constable Mojalefa Chabalala, 31, is a young policeman who shows qualities of great leadership in performing his duties. He was recently selected as the SAPS’s youth coordinator for the Free State. This has come with the responsibility of establishing working committees all over the province, both within the SAPS and the communities, liaising with different stakeholders to tackle issues that are pertinent to the youth in the province.

Drug abuse, gangsterism and education are some of the issues that he is passionate about and he has worked tirelessly to bring a different approach to tackle these issues. Sports against crime campaigns, imbizas and youth camps are just some of the projects that he has run in order to create awareness and rehabilitate the youth that are involved.

Constable Chabalala is innovative and enthusiastic in doing his job and extremely passionate about the youth of the Free State and the country.

Nominated in category: Compassion

Photo: Supplied