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Aayesha Soni

Dr Aayesha Soni, 27, is a medical doctor, activist, writer, orator and philanthropist. She has written extensively on human rights issues, and her opinion pieces have appeared in national and international publications, where they have been translated into French and Spanish.

While completing her degree at the University of the Witwatersrand, she was vice-chairperson of the Media Review Network – a non-governmental organisation that strives to promote the ideals of justice and human rights. As a student, she published a 30-page booklet to help create awareness around the plight of Palestinian people. She was active in various student organisations and undertook a humanitarian mission to Gaza in 2013. Her experience of working in the Al-shifa hospital was published in the South African Medical Journal.

Soni has presented her work at the Islamic Medical Association (an annual national event) and addressed thousands of people at the Johannesburg City Hall in a Solidarity Public Lecture. In addition to her work as doctor and activist, Soni organises soup kitchens, and visits to orphanages and paediatric hospitals.

You can follow her on Twitter here.

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