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Palesa Manaleng

Palesa “Deejay” Manaleng, 31, was seriously injured in a cycling accident in 2014 that left her paraplegic and wheelchair bound. But this did not stand in the way of this superwoman! Today, Manaleng is a journalist at eNCA, student at the University of Johannesburg, and a national athlete.

She has represented South Africa at two para-cycling World Cups, has ranked 8th in the world for two years, and has twice been named national champion in both para-cycling and athletics. Manaleng trains five times a week, with a busy schedule that involves cycling, boxing and track. She dreams of representing South Africa at the World Championships and Paralympics.

Manaleng is nothing if not persistent. When she couldn’t find funding for her track chair, she went through the companies on the JSE list and contacted them for a sponsorship. While most either didn’t respond or said it wasn’t in their budget, SA Breweries agreed to pay for her chair.

In May, she participated in the OCAL2018 Journey for Change, a non-stop 24-hour, 10-day journey from Pretoria to Cape Town to raise awareness around disability and funds for children with special education needs.

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Nominated in category: Resilience

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