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Paris Makaringe

Paris Makaringe, 25, is an activist from Devland in Johannesburg who is creating platforms for children and teenagers to receive quality education and access to opportunities.

Makaringe is one of the youngest activists working as part of the Department of Social Development’s Local Drug Action Committee (LDAC) in Eldorado Park region and has been described as a nation builder by those who work closely with him.

He founded an NGO called Lonwabo Lwesizwe to create a platform where young people in the area can learn skills and take part in activities that keep them off the streets, away from possible abuse of substances, and criminal activities. He works as a facilitator with other organisations running drug awareness programmes at schools in the area.

Makaringe raises awareness and provides access to early childhood development for children between the ages of three and seven. His work at Lonwabo Lwesizwe supports women through its campaign called #IAMAWOMAN, which provides safe spaces for women to meet and discuss issues like femicide, as well as to empower one another through networking.

He also runs a “1000kids, 1000smiles” programme in Eldorado Park, Freedom Park, Devland and surrounding areas ,which gives clothes, food parcels, blankets and toys to underprivileged children within the communities.

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