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Rinae Sengani

After suffering abuse herself, Rinae Sengani, 34, has made it her mission to ensure that any victim of gender-based violence in Limpopo has a place to run to and a support system that will endeavour to protect any woman or child who feels they are in danger.

Sengani established the Rinae Sengani Foundation in 2017, hoping to give a voice to the voiceless and to fight for women who were at the receiving end of abuse. She actively follows up on dockets that have been opened by the victims and provides support for the duration of the court cases.

She wants to make sure that young women, especially, don’t end up where she once was.

Although the role she plays is not easy, as a third party in cases that are usually considered private and personal, Sengani remains undeterred. She has faced death threats and resistance from those handling certain cases.

Despite this, she takes solace in the fact that the national police department has recognised her organisation as an important stakeholder in the region to consult on the topic of domestic abuse and gender-based violence in the province.

Find out more about the Rinae Sengani Founation here.

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