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Serusha Munisamy

Serusha Munisamy, 23, began losing her sight as a teenager because of a rare autoimmune condition.

Despite the continuous struggle, she managed to finish her first degree and is currently pursuing her Honours degree in Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Her engagement with life and her drive to fulfil her dreams, however, do not end there. Munisamy is also a people’s champion, dedicated to volunteering in various community, cultural and youth programmes. She spent a month in the village of Kigamboni in Tanzania, is involved with CANSA, M-A-D (an NGO partnership), Aryan Benevolent Home, SMILE and the Sizimisele Development Trust.

These initiatives show her resilience – despite a daunting disease – and her compassion, leadership and commitment to making a difference while facing personal challenges and overcoming social barriers.

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Nominated in Category: Resilience

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