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Sipho Gamedze

Sipho Gamedze, 31, trains young children in his rural town of Umzimkhulu, in the south of KwaZulu-Natal (KZN), to play cricket as a way of keeping them occupied and off the streets after school. He does this on a shoestring budget.

Gamedze, who lives in rural KZN just like his learners, saw sport as one of the ways he could build some form of social cohesion and an outlet for children living in the under-resourced area.

With little to no financial assistance, Gamedze has spent the past nine years training young children to play cricket, with no infrastructure and an overarching perception from the community that it’s a sport only reserved for the “well off”.

One of his biggest highlights was when one of his players was selected to play for the district, which would represent the Umzimkhulu region at the provincial level. The player was the only one who had been recruited from the rural areas in the region.

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