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Tahir Dawood

Tahir Dawood, 24, is a final-year medical student who is not only trying to make the world a better place through healthcare, but is also a fierce advocate for human rights around the world.

The University of Cape Town scholar is a class representative and a well-known personality on campus, but he is probably best known for creating awareness and educating people about human rights violations globally.

He has not only urged those around him to take action, but has taken action himself during a visit to the occupied Palestinian territories as part of a student group in 2013. He does awareness work around the topic back home in Cape Town as a member of the UCT Palestine Solidarity Forum.

He was part of the student movement at UCT which occupied the office of the Dean of Health Sciences, in an effort to fight for the rights of students and to prevent their victimisation. His work as an advocate for change was further reflected when he was selected as a member of a panel in 2017 that is working towards curriculum change and transformation in the Health Sciences Faculty.

His recent awards include the Social Responsibility Award given to him by the university, Head of Outreach of the UCT Surgical Society in 2017 as well as an international award winner for student projects in health from the Foundation for the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

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