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Twin Mosia

Twin Mawela Mosia, who celebrates his 34th birthday one day before Nelson Mandela day, founded the Elandskop Museum in his hometown of Mamafubedu Petrus Steyn. He is in the process of turning an old train station in town, which has been vandalised and neglected, into a national heritage site. Once Transnet grants him the lease, the station will be turned into a museum housing an art gallery, bookshop, cultural village and an arts-and-crafts shop, among other things. The museum is set to open its doors in September 2019. He hopes to create job opportunities for locals and educate people about the history of the region.

Meet Miner Twin Mosia Who Is Trying To Make History, Literally

Mosia participates in re-enactments of the South African War (1899 to 1902) locally and internationally and is currently planning The Concentration Camps Cycle Tour, which involves visiting the towns where all the British concentration camps were located during the war, and collecting two stones – representing both black and white people who lost their lives – from each campsite to build a monument at the museum for all the men, women and children who suffered during the war.

Mosia has won numerous awards including The Golden Shield Golden National Heritage Award in 2016 awarded by the National Heritage Council (Young Heritage Activist Category), the Simon van der Stel Gold Medal and the title of Reconciliation and Unity Ambassador for the Heritage Association of South Africa.

In his spare time, Mosia gives motivational talks at local schools and guest lectures at universities. He is busy writing a documentary focused on the Basotho Wars.

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