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Ubuko Mpotulo

Ubuko Mpotulo, 10, is a double amputee from East London who lost his legs and seven of his fingers due to an infection when he was two years old. But this has not held him back.

When his Grade 1 teacher at College Street Primary made a video of him running around the school field with other children on short leather stumps it got noticed by the right people, who made sure he received two pairs of brand new high-tech prosthetic legs.

Those who know him, describe Mpotulo as an amazing little boy, willing to try anything and who wants to be like any little boy. He swims, runs, plays soccer and has tried surfing. He loves dancing and singing and has incredible rhythm. He is also a happy, caring and loving boy, with a great sense of humour.

Mpotulo attends a mainstream school and is doing well.

Nominated in category: Resilience

Photo: Supplied