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Wesley Maurice

Wesley Maurice, 32, is a high school history teacher who has pioneered free educational programmes and experiences in order to keep Madiba’s dream alive in his students.

Maurice has recreated Nelson Mandela’s Robben Island prison cell on his school grounds at the Thomas More College in Durban and has challenged students, their parents and the staff to spend 27 minutes in the room in order to reflect on Mandela’s legacy and values.

He has also authored a free book on how to run a powerful week-long human rights programme for Grade 9 students.

Maurice says that, in recent years, he feels that many people in South Africa have become jaded and hardened to Mandela’s dream. However, Madiba’s vision, passion and optimism has stubbornly refused to leave him, and he is determined to pass this on to his students.

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Nominated in category: Creativity

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